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Community Clinic

The Community Clinic offers clinical services to families with children and youth from birth through 18 who are experiencing significant emotional, behavioural, developmental and/or psychiatric difficulties.


The Clinic Staff, comprised of psychiatry, psychology, social work and child and youth work, believe in finding family strengths and promoting positive outcomes for children and adolescents through comprehensive assessment, consultation and treatment.

We offer the following:

        •  An emphasis on sound clinical and evidence-based practice
        •  Assessment
        •  Individual, family and group therapy
        •  Therapeutic groups for all ages
        •  Education and advocacy for the prevention of mental health problems
        •  Educational workshops on topics relevant to today's family
        •  Partnerships with other organizations serving children and their families

To begin, call the Intake Coordinator at 416-622-8833, extension 258.

The Intake Coordinator:

        •  Will invite you to describe your concerns regarding your child and family.
        •  Will offer a range of group programs for children and parents.
        •  Will schedule a telephone appointment with you to complete the intake.
        •  Will offer a range of possible services, from brief to more intensive services.

I came to The George Hull Centre last year looking for help, which is what I’ve been receiving. I’m truly grateful for the warm and welcoming feel I get not only from my therapist, but from the other workers here and the overall feel of the Centre. I can’t even begin to imagine what I would have done or where I’d be if I didn’t seek help. Being here at The George Hull Centre, I’ve felt understood and like I matter. I’ve learnt valuable techniques here on how to cope with my PTSD. I’m truly grateful for the support George Hull has given me and I’m beyond happy with the care I’ve received here.

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