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Groups for School Aged Children

CBT Anxiety Group

(Parent Group at the same time - see Groups for Parents of School-Aged Children)

This is a valuable treatment group if your child experiences issues with anxious/nervous feelings, thoughts or physical sensations. This evidence-based group for children ages 8-12 utilizes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), which is a proven and effective treatment for anxiety.  Goals of the group include recognizing the symptom of anxiety, learning alternate patterns of thinking/feeling, relaxation techniques and exposure.  Parents/guardians of children in the group must attend the concurrent “CBT Anxiety Parent Support Group” which provides caregivers with valuable tools to support their children.

Please note: Potential participants need to be assessed ahead of time to determine the appropriateness for this group.

For more information, please click here to see the Family Wellness Series flyer.

        •  100% of parents surveyed agreed that the CBT group had helped their child to cope
            with anxiety.
        •  100% of parents surveyed who struggled with their own anxiety said the group helped
            them to cope better.

“Meeting other people who have anxiety made me feel like I was not the only person with anxiety.”  ~ Child

“The facilitator was spectacular in her calm and generous manner, but it was her knowledge and ability to support the group that was so helpful.”  ~ Parent


Fun Friends: Children's Anxiety Group

Fun Friends is an early childhood program for children ages 4 to 7. The group helps children normalize the emotional state of anxiety and develop emotional resilience and social skills that will stay with them for life. Young children will develop life skills to effectively cope with difficult and/or anxiety provoking situations.  Parents and guardians are required to attend the Fun Friends Parent Group which runs concurrently.

The Friends program is the only children’s prevention and treatment program for anxiety and depression recognized by the World Health Organization.

For more information, please click here to see the Family Wellness Series flyer.


        •   100% of parents surveyed said the group was helpful in learning strategies to support their
            children during anxious moments
        •   100% of parents said they had noticed changes in their child since being in the group, such as:
               •   Their child being ‘more brave’
               •   More interaction with others
               •   More understanding of their feelings


“My child is learning strategies…in an enjoyable, inclusive, comfortable and fun environment.  The accompanying parent group is just fabulous.”

“The tools, strategies and information shared were so helpful and encouraging.”

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