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Libby’s Place

Libby’s Place is a residential treatment program for teenage girls age 11-17, located in Etobicoke.  The program is suitable for teenage girls who may be struggling with a variety of mental health challenges.

The program is staffed by experienced Child and Youth Workers who focus on building on and developing both individual and group strengths.  The highly structured therapeutic milieu includes group therapy, group and individual activities, group tasks and chores.  Families are invited into the program and are active participants in treatment.  Each family receives family therapy with our program social worker, and each girl has access to psychiatric consultation with our program psychiatrist.

Group and individualized programming is designed to provide a range of opportunities that promote self esteem, confidence and skill development.  Residents of Libby’s Place have access to The George Hull Centre School Program.

Mother-Daughter Group

All Libby’s Place clients participate regularly in a group designed to increase the bonding between mothers and daughters.  This innovative group, facilitated by skilled child and youth workers and the program social worker provides structured, positive activities and interactions to foster improved communication and increased understanding of one another’s experiences.  The group setting provides mutual support for all families, further integrates families into treatment and complements the family-based work. 

Program evaluation results indicate many positive benefits of the group including:

        •  Improved levels of trust between mothers and daughters
        •  Increased ability to ‘share stories’ with one another
        •  Increased ability for mothers and daughters to listen openly to one another
        •  Increased ability to explore issues from the perspective of the other



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