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Mission and Mandate

Mission Statement

Through clinical excellence and a continuum of mental health services, our mission is to reduce suffering, provide hope and enhance the quality of life of children, youth and families.

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Philosophy and Values

The George Hull Centre regards each child as an individual, a member of a family and a member of the community.

The George Hull Centre works in partnership with families and children, with other community services and with community groups to improve the mental health of the children and youth. The Centre works to develop an accessible, flexible and responsive continuum of service delivery for the community, and to provide specialized services for the Greater Toronto Area, as mandated.

A commitment to gender equality, cultural sensitivity and accessible economic opportunities provides an organizing framework to the philosophy of the Centre.

The Centre takes into account imbalances of power as they exist in the culture and as they affect the lives of children, and advocates accordingly on behalf of marginalized groups.


1. Prevention and early intervention for high risk families with infants and young children.

2. Provision of multidisciplinary, comprehensive and accessible assessment and treatment services for children and youth.

3. Shared resourcing of services for children in the community through consultation, community development and planning initiatives with other community groups.

4. Participation and initiation of local planning endeavours with the goal of developing a comprehensive community-wide continuum of services for children and families.

5. Research, program evaluation and quality assurance to contribute to best practices regarding prevention and treatment in children’s mental health.

6. Teaching as part of the university system in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, social work, and speech and language pathology; teaching as part of the community college system in the fields of child and youth work and early childhood education; and training in family therapy for practitioners and Centres across the province.

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