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Our Stories

Since 1985, the George Hull Centre for Children and Families has been providing hope and healing to families in need.  The moving stories below are from a handful of children and parents whose lives we have touched. 

"I came to Clear Directions trying to beat my drug and alcohol addiction. I was drinking every day, sometimes I would go a week or more without sleeping or eating. I was being abused and at one time had been almost beaten to death by my boyfriend..."


“My son’s criminal precociousness had been emerging since he was 10. He moved with a fast crowd that was several years his senior. He committed crimes with little remorse…”


“I never thought in a million years that I would be faced with the parenting challenges I have been over the last couple of years. At times it has been difficult, discouraging and overwhelming…”


"It's been over 10 years since I was first admitted to the George Hull Centre as hopeless and vulnerable teenager. When I was admitted I was violent, I was emotional, and I thought I had no future. Before my stay at GHC everybody had given up on me..."

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