Special Needs Resourcing (Every Child Belongs)

Special Needs Resourcing provides support and consultation to child care providers to help them effectively meet the needs of children with special needs up to age 12.

Every Child Belongs is a City of Toronto service that partners with The George Hull Centre and other Special Needs Resourcing Agencies to provide extra support for children.  

The Special Needs Resourcing service educates early childhood professionals and families about the importance of the inclusion of children with special needs within childcare and enhances the skill of childcare professionals and families to support the healthy development of children within child care environments.  

Consultation may include observation and program plans for individual children; consultation to child care staff on programming; system consultation with staff and parents; customized workshops for providers and parents; or larger information sessions on specific topics geared towards working with children with special needs. 

For further information, please contact Lynne Gregory, Program Manager, at 647-460-9867 or lgregory@georgehull.on.ca

“Angelique’s Story”

Angelique is a three year old who had a very hard time managing her emotions and behaviour, both at home and at her child care centre.  Her parents were concerned about her but were hesitant to seek out support, as they worried about the impact of labelling their daughter. 

The Special Needs Resource Consultant was able to work with the family and the childcare centre staff at their own pace, offering support and reassurance, and assisting everyone to put the strategies and routines in place that would help Angelique. 

Everyone agrees that things are so much better, both at home, and at the centre, and that they are better able to understand and support Angelique’s needs.  

Each year, our Special Needs Resource Consultants provide consultation to over 60 children like Angelique, providing their families and their child care centres with customized support and strategies that helped make sure that they were able to learn and grow to best of their potential. 

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