Strategic Plan 2012-2017

The George Hull Centre is committed to providing quality service and space, for both clients and employees to thrive.

Continuum of Service

Our first priority is to enrich our continuum of services to better meet the needs of children and families. Measures of this success include: 

  • Offering a broad range of services that are responsive to evolving community need.

  • Meeting service goals

  • Increasing service accessibility and presence in the community.

  • Using technology to engage and deliver services to youth and families.

  • Using research activities to advance our ability to deliver a continuum of quality services. 


Our second priority is to secure a long-term location that supports the delivery of our services and enhances sustainability. Achieving this will be measured by owning or having long-term lease of our building, as well as providing a multi-service space.


Our third goal is to create conditions that attract, retain, and develop highly skilled and passionate staff and board members.

Measures of this success include:

  • Continuing to be an employer of choice in the sector.

  • Continuing to attract quality people.

  • Being sought after as a teaching institution.

  • Continuing to be at the forefront of clinical expertise in our field.

  • All staff and board members understand what is happening and why during change/transition. 


Our final priority is to diversify our funding sources to increase revenues and our ability to make independent decisions.

Success of this goal will be measured through raising an additional $300,000 over and above what we currently raise - to sustain valued services that are not funded by the government.

This success will also be reflected by an infrastructure that supports active donor/corporate programs, launching revenue generating pilot projects, and not holding vacancies to balance our budget.

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