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Becoming an FGC Mentor

Coordinators who have been practicing Family Group Conferencing for three or more years and who meet the criteria below are asked to reflect on whether they want to expand their practice to include mentoring newcomers to the field of FGC/FGDM.

Mentors find that the work is very rewarding and are genuinely appreciative that it actually improves their own practice, since they need to reflect and respond to the many questions that their mentee poses. 

While the agreement for mentorship is a private arrangement between the mentor and the mentee, the Family Group Conferencing Ontario Provincial Resource is responsible for approving and rostering mentors and providing support to mentors. 

Application Criteria

  • Applicants must be registered on the Ontario FGC Coordinator Roster.

  • Applicants must have completed 20 conferences (NOT referrals but referrals that successfully went to conference) and have a minimum of 3 years Family Group Conferencing practice experience.

  • Applicants must be currently registered or have the ability to be registered with the regulatory body governing their respective profession, where applicable.

  • Applicants must be recognized in their community as a leader in FGC/FGDM practice.

Process for Selection of Mentor Applicants

Applicants complete the FGC Mentor Application package and submit to the Provincial Resource Office. To access the Mentorship Application
Package, click here to download the PDF.       

An applicant must be nominated by someone in the community with extensive exposure/knowledge of FGC/FGDM. The nominator may be consulted by the Admissions Committee.

In addition to the nomination letter, two references from two of the following four categories must be provided:

  • A colleague who can speak to the applicant’s potential as a mentor

  • A referral source who can speak to feedback they have received about the applicant and qualities that would be conducive to mentoring

  • A CAS supervisor who can speak from experience participating in numerous conferences with the candidate

  • A mentor whom the applicant has consulted as a coordinator.

Applicants may be asked to participate in a phone interview with the Provincial Resource, based on the application form and statement of intent.

Applicants will be interviewed in-person/virtually by a panel comprised of 2-3 people from the Admissions Committee

Once accepted as a mentor, the applicant must identify a plan for their support and consultation/ supervision in their initial years of active mentoring.

Application Form and required documents are to be submitted to:

The FGC Ontario Provincial Resource
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
81 The East Mall, Third Floor
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada M8Z 5W3