Day Treatment Services

The George Hull Centre Day Treatment programs offer education and therapeutic interventions in a small classroom setting.

School Program

The School Program is an integrated, therapeutic academic program for clients of  Libby’s Place and the Intensive In-Home Service, as well as community clients who are unable to manage in their regular schools due to mental health issues. 

“I like the fact that in this program nobody judges you, like all the teachers and staff understand your situation and are there to help you succeed.” ~ Client

Clear Directions Substance Abuse Program

Clear Directions is a collaborative program provided by The George Hull Centre for Children and Families and The Toronto District School Board. This program assists GTA youth 18 years and under, who are struggling with serious substance abuse and/or mental health issues.

“In my opinion, being able to get close to the teachers on an emotional level helps greatly… This program helps students learn about the true person they are and helps students grow and succeed in their future education and career.” ~ Client