The Highfield Community Enrichment Project

The Highfield Community Enrichment Project promotes healthy social, emotional, behavioural, physical and educational development in children and supports parents and families to effectively meet the needs of their children.

The Highfield Community Enrichment Project is a rich and exciting partnership with Highfield Junior School at 85 Mount Olive Drive.  Our Child and Family Educators provide in-class support, the kindergarten enrichment program and the summer enrichment program to kindergarten children at Highfield Junior School.  The Early Childhood Educators in the Family Resource Centre offer daily drop-in programs, special activities and parent education workshops.  The Community Engagement Program provides rich volunteer opportunities for community members and supports various community, school and project driven activities that enhance life in the Highfield Community for children and families.  Numerous events, such as the Community Breakfast and Spring Community Fair, are organized to bring community members together

For further information, please contact Lynne Gregory, Program Manager, at 647-460-9867 or

“Ahmed’s Story”

On the first day of the Summer Enrichment Program, Ahmed and his mother had a hard time saying good-bye to each other.  This was the first morning they had spent apart from each other.   

For the first week, he had a very difficult time following routines, sitting in circle and listening to the teachers.  Gradually, over the course of the four-week program, the teachers were able to support Ahmed and his mom around their separation issues and help Ahmed learn the routines and skills he would need to be ready for kindergarten in September.  

At the end of the Summer Enrichment Program, 98% of the parents agreed that their children:

  • Were better able to understand school routines and expectations.

  • Had developed important new school readiness skills like sitting in a circle, taking turns and following instructions.

  • Had developed new independence skills like putting on their own shoes, washing their hands and going to the bathroom alone.

Every year, more than 550 families are served through the Highfield Community Enrichment Project. 

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