How The George Hull Centre Makes a Difference

Take a look at why we lead in the children’s mental health space.

Family Centred

famiy cuddling and laughingMental health impacts the entire family; children do not live in isolation. We treat each child in the context of their family because a child’s best chance at mental wellness happens when the family is positively involved in that outcome. By strengthening families, we can make the biggest difference to children’s lives.

Focus on Children's Strengths

We believe in shining a bold light on the strength of each child. Children who suffer from mental health issues also struggle with self-confidence, self-image and feeling good inside. We remind them of their strengths and provide a platform for renewed courage and hope, which in turn bolsters their confidence and self-esteem, placing them on the path to mental wellness.

Personalized Support

Infants, children and youth receive comprehensive, therapeutic intervention tailored to meet their unique, individual needs whether over the short or long term. We work with them and stay connected in their care until they no longer need our services.

Intensive Therapeutic Approach

Many families come to us with complex mental health pictures and developmental trauma across generations. Because we deeply understand the challenges these families face, we can address their issues with thoughtful, compassionate, effective strategies for change. Through intensive treatment, we can have tremendous impact on the lives of children and families.

Accessible, One-Stop Care

We offer a wide range of prevention and treatment services, enabling families to navigate the mental health system with greater ease and less complexity. Our services extend from infancy through adolescence so families do not need to leave our care to seek help elsewhere.

Expert, Multidisciplinary Staff

Our skilled and experienced team of psychiatrists, social workers, speech-language pathologists, early childhood educators, child and youth workers and psychologists, work closely together to provide highly responsive, integrated, cross-functional care. We are passionately committed to helping infants, children, youth and their families achieve mental wellness.

Clinical Excellence

advisorRelevant, current research continuously informs our practice. Our teams routinely pursue training across a wide variety of treatment approaches to upgrade their skills and knowledge so that children and families benefit from leading-edge thinking, innovative techniques and evidence-based methods.

Measurable Impact

Through an unwavering commitment to program evaluation and quality improvement, we continually substantiate delivery of high quality, effective service for children and families to our funding partners and our community.

Teaching Centre

As a University of Toronto Teaching Centre, we embrace progressive trends, treatments, research and studies in children’s mental health. We train students in psychiatry, social work, and speech-language pathology and provide meaningful student placements for other universities and community colleges.