How You Can Help

The George Hull Centre thrives with support from caring individuals, foundations and corporations.

One in five children under the age of 17 has a mental health issue causing significant distress and impairing their functioning at home, at school, with peers, or in the community.  

These problems are painful, serious and very real, and they can happen to any young person, regardless of age or circumstance. 

Left untreated, kids in distress can turn to drugs and alcohol, become suicidal, drop out of school, become violent, or withdraw into silence and isolation.

But there is hope.

At The George Hull Centre for Children and Families, we work with children from birth to age 18, providing comprehensive, family-centered treatment, including specialized schooling, outpatient, residential, and substance abuse treatment.  We also deliver a range of focused and accessible prevention and educational programs in the community.  

Each year we see over 4,500 families – which means we are not only helping 4,500 kids, but also the parents and siblings of 4,500 kids, the schools they attend and the communities in which they live.

Please help provide that hope with a donation to The George Hull Centre. With your gift, you are touching many lives and brightening many futures. No donation is too small; every penny helps to bring hope to children and families struggling with mental health issues. 

There are many different ways you can bring hope to the children and families we see. We would be happy to talk to you about the various options.

Please take moment to read a few stories from our families and see how The George Hull Centre has made a difference to their lives.