Another way the Institute is furthering industry knowledge-sharing is through participation in key trauma-focussed initiatives including the following.


Canadian Consortium on Child Trauma & Trauma-Informed Care

The Institute has been invited to partner with the Social Science and Humanities Research Council to establish the Canadian Consortium on Child Trauma & Trauma-Informed Care. The consortium will bring together the latest evidence and knowledge in Canada on childhood trauma and trauma-informed care to positively influence child and youth serving sectors. The goals of this partnership include creating cohesive and impactful social responses to child trauma in children and youth across provinces, linguistic and service sectors, and disciplines while facilitating research, collaboration, multidirectional exchange, knowledge mobilization, and opportunities for student training and professional advancement.

Developmental Trauma Action Alliance

The Institute is a lead member of the Developmental Trauma Action Alliance (DTAA).  This alliance is supported by the Adoption Council of Ontario, and represents 100 members from Canada and the U.S.A. dedicated to the improvement of care for children who have experienced developmental trauma.  Members of the DTAA include major researchers in the area of trauma, leaders of children’s mental health and child welfare organizations, representatives from the justice system, police, school boards, and the medical system.