Preschool Speech and Language Services

The George Hull Centre is dedicated to providing support to preschool children in need of speech and language services.

The Preschool Speech and Language Service at The George Hull Centre is part of a community partnership (City of Toronto Early Abilities) that delivers community-based speech and language services to children from infants to Junior Kindergarten age. 

The program offers assessment of a child’s understanding and use of language skills; a treatment plan that includes a home program, parent/caregiver training and group and individual therapy; and consultation to caregivers, child care centres, and Ontario Early Years Centres as well as support and information sessions for parents and community members.  

These services are provided at The George Hull Centre and other community partner agencies, by Speech-Language Pathologists, Communicative Disorder Assistants, and Early Childhood Educators. 

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Referrals can be made directly by parents (a physician referral is not required), or can be made by professionals (e.g., doctor, daycare staff, early intervention worker, etc.) with parental consent.  To request this service for your child, complete the on-line registration form here, or call 416-338-8255 or email    

To learn more about the program, please click here to download the information booklet.   

You can read more about this program on the City of Toronto website.

“Julia & Manuel’s Story”

Julia was concerned about her 18 month old son, Manuel, who was not talking yet.  She came to the Preschool Speech and Language Program, where a Speech and Language Pathologist did a thorough assessment and recommended a small group program for Julia and Manuel to attend together. 

After several sessions, Julia began to recognize that although Manuel was not using very many words, he was communicating with her in many other ways. She learned and practiced strategies that she started using at home with him.  

After a few weeks, she noticed that Manuel was trying to use more words and communicate more frequently. Now that they are communicating with each other, Julia feels like she knows her son so much better.  She has tools to work on at home and someone she can call to ask questions as he continues to develop. 

Every year, more than 1,400 children like Manuel with speech and communication concerns are helped through assessments, individual or group treatment, and parent coaching programs. 

For further information, please contact Anna Rupert, Program Manager, at 416-622.8833 extension 183 or

Parent Feedback

In May 2018, we asked 712 parents and caregivers to tell us about their experiences in our Preschool Speech and Language Program.  We heard from 248 of them.  Click here to read what they said.