Residential Programs

Libby’s Place and the Boys House offer long term residential treatment for youth who are experiencing complex and longstanding difficulties. 

“It is a good place – you can build on your strengths.” - Youth

“There are caring, gifted counsellors that work with kids at their level and help them change their behaviours and reunite them with their families.”  - Parent 

“They help people get to the issues, it is not only the child who has the problem, it is the family.”  - Parent 

Libby’s Place

The programming at Libby’s Place offers a high degree of structure for its six residents, girls ages 12 to 18, with an emphasis on relationship-based support. This approach, following the developmental research of young girls and adolescents, uses the program for working on, responding to, and building relationships.

Boys House

The Boys House offers residential treatment to eight boys, ages 13 to 18, who are experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties. The program includes individual and group therapy, and emphasizes and uses both individual and group strengths. 

As a result of these programs:

Adolescents and their families are referred through the Ontario Ministry of Children & Youth, Centralized Access to Residential Services (CARS). CARS may be reached at 416-482-7884. Both residences are licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services under the Child and Family Services Act.