Social Work

The George Hull Centre is strongly committed to social work education, and to furthering the development of social work knowledge in a practice setting.

The George Hull Centre is a designated teaching centre of the University of Toronto, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work. As part of a long-term partnership with the University, this Centre offers clinical and research social work placements annually to graduate social work students registered at the University of Toronto. 

Six, second-year placements (September - April) are offered in the Community Clinic.  For information about social work placements, please contact Reem Abdul Qadir, MSW, RSW, Educational Coordinator, at 

A specialty placement is offered in the area of research, under the supervision of the Director of Research, for students interested in pursuing careers in research or advanced graduate work. 

Another specialty placement is available for second-year students in Clear Directions, the adolescent substance abuse program.

Field Practicum Program

The George Hull Centre offers a comprehensive field practicum program with learning opportunities geared to students with different learning styles.

Student Orientation: Orientation to the George Hull Centre includes an introduction to the Community Clinic, management and key personnel, and visits to The George Hull Centre residential and specialty programs.

Family Therapy Seminar Series, with Reem Abdul Qadir, MSW, RSW:  The Family Therapy Seminar Series looks at an integrative framework of thinking about families and the practice of therapy. The program combines theoretical didactics, live supervision of families, and group discussion. 

Individual Supervision: Individual supervision remains the cornerstone of the social work student's learning experience at The George Hull Centre. The experience combines live supervision, videorecording review, and case discussion to facilitate the student's understanding of the role of theory, clinical skill and the therapist's use of self in the practice of social work.

Multidisciplinary Teams: The George Hull Centre is recognized for the quality of service delivery to clients and for the strength of its multidisciplinary teams. The students on placement in the Community Clinic attend weekly meetings with experienced clinicians from the disciplines of psychiatry, psychology, social work, and child & youth work. Team members collaborate and share expertise to provide a full range of assessment and treatment options to meet the needs of a rich and diverse clinical population.