Strategic Plan 2017-2020

The George Hull Centre is committed to providing quality service and space, for both clients and employees to thrive.

Our Vision:  Mental wellness from infancy to adulthood.

Our Mission:  Through clinical excellence and a continuum of mental health services, our mission is to reduce suffering, provide hope and enhance the quality of life of infants, children, youth and families.

Our Core Values:  

Innovation - creativity in programming and therapy

Passion - doing whatever it takes to make a positive difference

Skill - seeking, nurturing and teaming with the best professionals in our field

Systemic View - improving children's lives within the context of their families and communities 

Our Philosophy:  The George Hull Centre is committed to working in partnership with families, with children and youth, and with other community services to improve the mental health of the children and youth of Toronto.  A commitment to gender equality, cultural sensitivity and accessible economic opportunities provides an organizing framework to the philosophy of the Centre.

Our three-year strategic plan identifies four priorities which will enable us to grow and thrive as a centre of clinical excellence and help staff and clients achieve our vision of mental wellness from infancy to adulthood.


As digital becomes the new normal, The George Hull Centre must adapt its processes and services to save space, ensure staff are operating efficiently, and ensure clients remain supported using best practice.

  • Become a paperless organization

  • Modernize interactions with clients

  • Stay ahead of tech trends, while ensuring security of personal information  

Measuring Outcomes

The George Hull Centre relies on evidence-based practice to provide the best services.  Outcomes measured and reported will focus on criteria of clinical excellence to build the profile of the Centre. Goals:

  • Define clinical excellence

  • Develop a process for measuring clinical excellence

  • Identify how and to whom outcomes should be communicated  


To develop new capacity through partnerships and attract additional funding, The George Hull Centre will refine its core message and customize how we communicate with specific audiences and stakeholders.  Goals:

  • Develop a targeted communication strategy 

  • Refine the Centre's brand image 


To fulfill its responsibility to the community, The George Hull Centre must better serve and meet the needs of the community's diverse population.  Goals:

  • Identify the highest priority populations not appropriately being supported by the Centre
  • Identify barriers to service for the highest priority populations
  • Design and implement solutions to address these barriers